Worse critic or Driving force?

As an artist or at least for me, I can be my own worse critic.  I spend more time staring at the piece at all stages of the project and speculating and wondering what others will think.  Will they see all the imperfections I see.  Should I have done this or that  or not done  this or that.  As an artist the feeling can either be crippling or motivational. What you have to remember is that,  sometimes the worry over what others will think or say or worse not say can cause you to never push forward and display  your work.  Forcing you to keep your abilities hidden from the rest in fear of not being good enough.  I use to have those feeling and I’m sure they will never go away but how I react to those feelings is what motivates me to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone and excell as an artist.    As an artist you must not become complacent and challenge yourself on an ongoing basis to improve.   Studying from the work of others can help you grow as an artist.  Countless searches on the internet for ideas and inspiration trying to find that spark.  I often look at the inspiration and question my own abilities to replicate something similar. The challenge to push my abilities and try things I have never done or add a new twist to create movement or an expression is a point that can cause doubt or anxiety.  But if you don’t push yourself you will never grow, or worse yet never know!