Beating the Heat

I’ve quickly discovered why most carving events are held in the fall, winter and spring months verse in the heat of summer as well as held in cooler climate locations.  Tennessee is a wonderful place to work and live but during the summer months the heat and humidity can take it’s toll.  It challenges you both physically and mentally and one must keep their whits about them and always be aware of the present dangers of pushing yourself too far with a powerful chainsaw in your hands.  Taking lots of breaks to allow your body to cool down from under all the safety gear that is required.  It also helps to have some shade and one of the best investments I made is putting a covered awning on the side of my carving shed to keep the sun at bay.  I’ve hooked up a box fan to keep the air flow moving.  Drinking plenty of fluids and not over dueing it is how to survive the summer heat.  I long for days with less humidity and cooler temps but until them a carving is waiting.