Where to find your Wood

One of questions often asked is “Where do you find the wood you use?”  Being a small operation and not having access to large equipment like Bobcats, fork lifts or front end loaders, I am often limited in the size of wood I can work get and move.  A hand truck, the back of my pick up and often the help of one of my sons I am able to get decent size logs up to approx 18″ round without too much trouble.  I prefer to get the logs 4-5′ in length which allows me the opportunity to create a large carving and still be able to move the log around by man power.  As far as where to get the wood, well that can be from anyone of several avenues.  I usually either get the logs from one of several tree services in the area.  Usually they have wood that they either can’t sell or just want to get rid of it.  If you develop a relationship with the company they might even drop off a load right at your location.  Other places to aquire the wood I use is either on Craigs list or local excavators.  Craigs list has listings that won’t cost you any thing.  Look under free Logs or Fire wood and there is usually someone looking for someone to come by and get the wood out of their way.  Local excavators are another great source.  They usually clear land and will either burn off the logs that they clear out so if you let them know you are just a phone call away they will call you first.  You can also drive around after a sever storm and there is someone who has had a tree fall and you can save them some money by clearing out the larger parts for them.  Be resourceful and you can usually find all the logs you need for free with a little patience.