When do you know the time is right?

Many of us dream of the entrepenuear life. Being the boss and not working for others, but far too often the fear and anxiety of the uncertainess of it all can leave most of us sitting on the bench watching others live out their dreams.  In fact most of us just dream about starting a business and working for ourselves and that’s as far as it goes.  Time passes on and one excuss or another stop us in out tracks and we never take the leap of faith.  But for those that have the guts to try to succeed or fail, sink or swim so to speak the rewards can be, well just that rewarding.  There are no guarentees and the process won’t be without stuggles and times of doubt, but if it’s truely what you want the time is now.  How many times have you heard or possible said yourself, “Well the timing isn’t right”, or “I’m not quite ready”, “I don’t know if….” well if that is you, you are not alone.  We have all said something like this whether it was planning for a child, moving or making a major purchase.  We want to make educated decisions, but the uncertainty keeps us from making those decisions leaving us with possible regrets.  Never will there be a perfect time, but if you have the passion and self persistence, then what are you waiting for?  So if you are wanting to begin or start something new…. NOW is the TIME!